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A fig leaf which ought to fall

I’ve had my share of rejections in my career, but there are a handful of jobs I’ve applied for just to see what the rejection letter looked like. One of them was in answer to an ad for non-executive directors of UK Financial Investments.

Wanted: an Act of God

According to the FT the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards will this week recommend that bankers’ bonuses be withheld for as long as ten years as a way of making them live with the consequences of their actions. That would be tackling the problem from the wrong end.

Was HBOS an ethical bank?

On the day that Robert Peston breaks news of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards draft report, I’m on my way to speak to an interesting group of bankers in Dublin. Questions sent in advance may whet the appetite for tonight’s dinner.

Time for Stevenson to drop his air of injured innocence: he was as much to blame as Crosby

We now know what the price of failure is for the CEO of a wrecked bank. Fred Goodwin at RBS set the tariff: a lost knighthood and a third off the pension. Now James Crosby at HBOS has fallen into line. But what should happen to the chairmen?

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